Marketing a Restaurant in Lafayette During Covid

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This time has been so tough for so many of us in the great US of A. Loved one's going long stretches without each other, worries about our well-being, worries about the financial outlook of our businesses. It's all been a lot to digest (see what we did there??). Perhaps no sector has been more affected than restaurants. Without the foot traffic on Friday nights and the 2nd and 3rd drinks ordered by a table of 6, it's been a tough time for the segment. That said, we want to support you in every way possible. Here are some ideas we've thought up or run across that could help you boost awareness of your no-contact offering, connect with your customers online, and keep your restaurant thriving during this time.

1) Get on Social! To take it a step further, get on social and over-communicate. Let Lafayette know that you're open and you've still got the best damn burger in town! This could be as simple as a facebook or instagram post that says, "Hey y'all, we're open and this is our current menu."

2) Take your Customers Behind the Scenes and Go Live on Instagram! This is free and it really serves to connect your regulars and newcomers to your restaurant to see what happens behind the scenes!

3) Host a Sweepstakes! Get on one of your social media channels and announce a giveaway. Make a post with a photo of the best thing on your menu and say this, "Our restaurant is so excited to announce "X" that we've decided to select one family to get dinner on us tonight! All you have to do is follow our page, like this post and tag three people!" This gets people talking about your brand and drums up far more business than the $40 you'll spend making that food!

4) Feature your Customers on your Feed! Turn on your notifications and when someone tags your restaurant in their story or in a post - share it! It's so fun for a customer to feel appreciated enough to be on their favorite restaurant's page.

There are plenty more things we could share, but the most important thing is to get creative. The truth is there's less business going around these days and we need to try new things to get into our customers' heads and onto their plate.

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