How We Help

Our clients come to us for lots of things: food marketing services like logo design for a new restaurant concept, food photography, videography, or social media help. They may need help with SEO (ranking higher on Google), or they may not know what they need but could really benefit from more paying customers each month. 

Ultimately, though, our clients find value in FEAST's services for one reason: we bring it all together. With insider experience (in food & beverage) and outside perspective, we work closely with you from strategy to implementation to more paying customers. You don’t have to coordinate with a market research provider and a marketing agency and a technology partner because no matter what it is—if it has to do with marketing and selling your brand, we do that too.

Although no two projects—and no two clients—are alike, a common relationship with FEAST progresses through the following steps.


Before we can start, we take time to understand your specific business and what you're trying to achieve. From there, we work with you to develop a data-driven strategy to achieve those goals. This is where we decide who we’re talking to and what will be the most differentiating and persuasive things to show them.
On this solid foundation, we implement the plan. This is where we address some understood weak spots and strengthen your online presence. If you need a better website - done. If your social channels need to be refreshed to appeal to your prospective customers - done. FEAST can even create and manage written content (we can write blogs for you - really good for SEO!)




Many companies build brands and their creative assets—no doubt you have checked out a few already—but most stop there, handing off materials and leaving it to you to figure out how to keep the brand alive and growing.
At FEAST, we find that our clients are best served when we remain engaged, nurturing the brand with social media management, strategic re-tunings, and creative updates. That’s why once the brand has been developed we support owners and their teams with tactics that grow engagement—and sales—to continue brand growth for years to come.